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Frugal Living
Stop wasting your money. Live well with less.
How to watch free TV over the Internet
NEW48 (or more) ways to save money now!
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Let's Get Cooking!
The rules are simple 1 pot, 20 minutes, 6 ingredients. This is the way I like to cook. In these articles I share my secrets.
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Real estate investing
Reduce your monthly Cost of Housing. Stop throwing money away as rent. Buy a duplex and live in one half. Here's how.
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Make it work for you, not the other way around.
NEW Bye Bye Windows XP.What are your options after Windows support ends.
How to get free TV programing over the Internet
iHate iTunes! But, iLove my iPod. So can you.
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Fun and games
Hey, we can't be all seriousness here. Here you will find information about.
The World's Greatest Hobby and more.
Portland Area N-Trak model railroad club
NEWSome N-scale Track Plans
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We are rebuilding... Please excuse the dust and dead ends. As I began the process of moving this site to a new host, I found many outdated articles, unused files, images and other junk. So, I'll be moving files over a bit at a time, updating and cleaning up articles as I go.
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